Villa Tasha

a luxury seafront vacation
villa in the Caribbean
Blackgarden Bay, Anguilla

Frequently asked questions:

Is there a way to contact villa Tasha directly?
  - you are on the owner's web site, click here to go the contact page.
I’m trying to get in touch with the property owner and or manager to confirm my arrival time, as is suggested, but the 1800 number doesn’t work anymore. How can I get in touch?
  - You can contact the owner by phone in Anguilla on . If you are making an international call and can use WhatsApp, call "1-778-877-3794-Jeet Mahal". If you don't want to call click here to use the contact page (depending on your time zone we reply same day or in any event in under 24 hours).
How do we get to Villa Tasha?
  - click here for travel information.
Is the beach easily accessible from the property and if so, is it swimable?
  - The villa is on the seafront and the beach is located right next to the villa, less than 50 yards away, a short walk along the seafront path. You can see the beach from the patio, just to the left of the villa. You can also see a satellite photo on the home page showing the villa and its relation to the beach and the sea go to map then click on "Show the beach". The beach is only swimable on calm days.There are rarely people on the beach because it is tucked away and relatively inaccessible other than via the villa or an adjacent property grounds, so you would often have the beach to yourself.
Hello - interested in booking with another couple to celebrate my husbands birthday. Is a chef and housekeeping included in the price?
  - Many thanks for your enquiry. A chef is available on-demand to cook an evening meal for you, charges depend on your requirements which you can discuss with him on arrival. Housekeeping before and after you arrive is included in the villa price. Additional housekeeping is available whenever you require at a $15/hour rate.